OK I hear you and agree – Email Marketing isn’t the newest or the sexiest form of digital marketing out there (ummm, hello TikTok and Insta Reels!).  Some people even say Email Marketing is dead 💀

I actually think that Email Marketing isn’t important for your small business – IT’S ESSENTIAL.


And I’d like to explain why……..


Currently (as at the end of 2021) there are 4.1 billion email users worldwide, and that figure is expected to grow to over 4.5 billion by 2025.  


Also worldwide revenues from email marketing are nearly $55 billion, again expecting to increase to over $97 billion by the end of 2025.


I could quote stats at you all day but it’s not going to help you REALLY understand why email marketing is so important FOR YOUR BUSINESS.


Here are my five top reasons to answer the question of “Why is email marketing important”


1 – It’s super affordable

I wanted to address this one first as I know how crucial cost is to small businesses.  Most EMP’s (Email Marketing Platforms) offer a free plan – Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Klaviyo and Send in Blue are just a few.  This allows you to build up your subscriber list and prove a Return on Investment (ROI) before you start paying for the service.

2 – It’s Direct

Once someone signs up to your list you can communicate with them directly into their inbox.  You’re not at the mercy of social media algorithms showing your posts, or Search Engine algorithms showing your website in search results.

Also what happens if a social media site goes down?  It happens!  Remember the Facebook and Instagram outage in October 2021?  If you solely rely on social media to communicate with your potential customer and clients you don’t own that data – the social media site does.

3 – It’s highly measurable

Every EMP gives you real time statistics on how your email campaigns are performing.  You can see how many people have opened your email, how many have clicked on something in an email, unsubscribed from your email list altogether (remember NEVER to email them again – you’ll be breaking GDPR regulations!) – if you’ve got your system set up properly you can even get statistics on how much revenue you’ve generated from your emails.

4 – It’s targeted

You can group the people on your email list pretty much any way you want to send them information that’s specifically relevant to them (therefore giving you a much better chance of converting them to take the action you want them to).

Gender, age, location and interests are all simple ways to segment your list.

5 –  It’s scalable

You don’t need sophisticated systems or tons of staff to manage your email marketing once you start to grow.  



There’s TONS more reasons why all businesses should be utilising Email Marketing!


If you’d like to chat about how it could work for YOUR business book a free Email Marketing Discovery Call with us.